Get Ready for Open Enrollment 2022

Open Enrollment for FY22: July 1-31, 2022

Open Enrollment is right around the corner and it is a great time to review your benefits. How often did you go to the dentist this past year? Are you filling maintenance prescriptions that might be cheaper through mail order? Did you complete your Two-Step Wellness Program incentive tasks? These are questions to consider when thinking about next year’s benefit elections.

Important changes for FY22 Open Enrollment:

  • There will be no grace period to enroll or make changes after Open Enrollment closes July 31, 2022
  • No corrections can be made in the month of August before the effective date of September 1
  • Changes cannot be made after the first payroll deduction of the fiscal year as happened in previous years
  • Mailed documents must be postmarked by July 31st (online enrollment preferred)
  • No exceptions

Plan updates beginning September 1, 2022:

  • Newly benefits-eligible employees will have 31 days from date of hire/initial eligibility to enroll in benefits. This is a change from the previous year of 45 days
  • Enrollment for benefits after a qualified life event must take place within 31 days from the date of event. This is a change from the previous year of 60 days
  • There will be a big change in the Open Enrollment timeline for FY23. The Open Enrollment timeline will be shortened to the first three weeks in July

65 Plus Plan Opt Out

When retired members turn 65 and enroll in Medicare Part A&B, they are moved from the A&M Care Plan to the 65 Plus Plan. Currently, these retirees are given an opportunity to opt out of this move and remain in the A&M Care Plan. This will change in the new plan year.

Beginning September 1, 2022, members opting out of the 65 Plus Plan will be opting out of the medical plan. This means that you no longer have medical coverage through the A&M System.

65 Plus Plan Benefits & Coverage

Same benefits level of the A&M Care Plan:

  • Individuals enrolled in the plan will pay nothing (excluding tobacco users)
  • In plans with covered eligible dependents, premiums will be lower
  • Plan premiums will still be billed, bank drafted or deducted from your monthly TRS annuity payment.
  • No drug deductibles and same drug benefits as the A&M Care Plan

Prescription plans will also change January 1

Prescription drug coverage through the 65 Plus Plan automatically changes to Express Scripts Medicare® Prescription Drug Plan through the Texas A&M University System. Members will receive a number of letters and a welcome packet from Express Scripts Medicare® PDP which will include prescription ID cards. Each enrolled member will receive their own personal ID card.

Additional Information

Some people in a higher tax bracket may pay an extra amount to the government called the Part D Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (Part D-IRMAA). This is similar to the extra amount you pay for Part B, if you are in a higher income bracket; but a much smaller payment. If you have to pay an extra amount, Social Security will send you a letter.

OG Benefits provides customer service for The Hartford

OG Benefits advisors can help educate and guide members through Life Insurance options and claims.

OG Benefits provides assistance with:

  • Assist Texas A&M University System Employee’s and Retiree’s with questions on Hartford Life plans.
  • Assist Texas A&M University System Employee’s and Retiree’s with Education of Hartford Life Essentials.
  • Assist Beneficiaries with Life claim questions
  • Assist Beneficiaries with use of Hartford Life essentials
  • Provide Hartford Healing books to impacted children of life claims

OG Benefits also provides stress free Death Claim support to survivors:

  • Handle death claims (in person if necessary) in excess of $50,000 or $100,000 benefit
  • Provide basic information for surviving spouse or children to capture all assets and rights

Contact OG Benefits at 1-833-867-5300 (Spanish speaking representatives are available).
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

2nd.MD Specializing in Medical Certainty

Available to employees, retirees and their enrolled dependents on the A&M Care, 65 Plus and J plans, 2nd.MD offers medical second opinions and consultations with world-renowned specialists via video or phone conference.

If you or a covered dependent are diagnosed with a serious condition, 2nd.MD’s caring and compassionate Health Advocates may reach out via phone, email or text. The best part about a second opinion through 2nd.MD is that the service is available at no additional cost to all covered members on the health plan.

Get expert advice when you or an eligible family member have questions about:

  • A surgery or procedure
  • A chronic condition
  • Diagnostic testing (MRI, CT, lab work, ultrasound)
  • Medications or a treatment plan

To get started, visit the 2nd.MD registration page.

The Hartford Optional Life Open Enrollment

Choosing the right amount of Optional Life insurance coverage is among the most important decisions you can make for your family. If they were to suddenly lose you they would also lose your paycheck. Life insurance can help provide income and financial support to your family in a difficult time, helping to ensure that mortgage or college loans are paid, funeral costs and final expenses are covered, and lost income is replaced.

During Open Enrollment from July 1-31, 2022, active employees will have the opportunity to enroll in or increase their Optional Life insurance coverage without providing Evidence of Insurability (EOI).

  • If you are not currently enrolled in Optional Life, or if your Optional Life amount is less than 4x your annual salary, you may elect up to 4x your annual salary without providing EOI;
  • If you are currently enrolled in 4x or above and would like to increase to 5x or 6x your annual salary, EOI will be required

This year’s special enrollment opportunity is available to active employees only, and for this Open Enrollment period only. For more detailed information visit the The Hartford website.

BlueCross BlueShield of Texas (BSBSTX) Outreach Calls

Your health plan includes support for you and your covered family members from nurses and other medical professionals called health advisors. This extra support is at no added cost to you.

BCBSTX may call to help you:

  • Get the care you need for serious illnesses and injuries
  • Have a healthy pregnancy and baby
  • If you have been in the hospital or have had a major surgery
  • If you have an upcoming surgery scheduled
  • If you have recently been to the emergency room

Calls from health advisors are not sales calls. The health advisor may ask you for information, like your name, date of birth or home address, to make sure they are talking to the right person. They will not ask for your social security number or any banking or credit card information.

You can connect with an advisor on your own schedule, by using your Blue Access for Members account to set the time you want your health advisor to call or send a message.