65 Plus Plan Opt Out

When retired members turn 65 and enroll in Medicare Part A&B, they are moved from the A&M Care Plan to the 65 Plus Plan. Currently, these retirees are given an opportunity to opt out of this move and remain in the A&M Care Plan. This will change in the new plan year.

Beginning September 1, 2022, members opting out of the 65 Plus Plan will be opting out of the medical plan. This means that you no longer have medical coverage through the A&M System.

65 Plus Plan Benefits & Coverage

Same benefits level of the A&M Care Plan:

  • Individuals enrolled in the plan will pay nothing (excluding tobacco users)
  • In plans with covered eligible dependents, premiums will be lower
  • Plan premiums will still be billed, bank drafted or deducted from your monthly TRS annuity payment.
  • No drug deductibles and same drug benefits as the A&M Care Plan

Prescription plans will also change January 1

Prescription drug coverage through the 65 Plus Plan automatically changes to Express Scripts Medicare® Prescription Drug Plan through the Texas A&M University System. Members will receive a number of letters and a welcome packet from Express Scripts Medicare® PDP which will include prescription ID cards. Each enrolled member will receive their own personal ID card.

Additional Information

Some people in a higher tax bracket may pay an extra amount to the government called the Part D Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (Part D-IRMAA). This is similar to the extra amount you pay for Part B, if you are in a higher income bracket; but a much smaller payment. If you have to pay an extra amount, Social Security will send you a letter.

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