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The Texas A&M University System and its members are exposed to risks of loss resulting from occurrences involving disappearance, damage, and destruction of its own property and property of others, injuries to employees or others, dishonesty, and unforeseen liabilities imposed by law or assumed by contract.

The philosophy of The Texas A&M University System is oriented toward:


  • Affirmative control and minimization of risk to the greatest extent possible,

  • Retention of the remaining risk when within established guidelines, and

  • Protection against unpredictable loss by reasonable use of available insurance and/or property funding when there is a significant possibility of loss in excess of the amount established as a reasonable self-retention


A strong safety and loss prevention program is of vital importance for the accomplishment of this objective. It must be implemented with a safety consciousness and awareness on the part of all personnel at all levels.

Recognizing the need for a systematic and coordinated approach to the handling of risk, the A&M System has established a Risk Management and Safety Policy.


System Risk Management (SRM) is a service unit within the Business Affairs Office of The Texas A&M University System. SRM provides consultation and service to System Members in the areas of health and safety, environmental protection, and risk analysis and control.


SRM activities should facilitate component efforts to:

  • Provide healthy environments and engage in safe work practices,

  • Comply with applicable state and federal environmental laws, and

  • Identify and implement strategies and processes to reduce risks and financial losses.


SRM shall develop and implement plans designed to promote these efforts and keep System Administration and the Board of Regents apprised of its activities.