Agenda Items

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Signature Block Style Template

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NOTE regarding the Briefing page section, System Strategic Plan Imperative(s) this Item Advances.  To aid each member in identifying the appropriate Imperative(s) that your agenda item addresses, you may refer to The Texas A&M University System Strategic Plan, Page 4, for a listing of the original six Imperatives.  At the Board’s August 20, 2020 meeting, segments of the current Imperatives were revised as well as two new Imperatives added.  They can be found in the Progress Update, Reflections and Updates to the Strategic Plan, Page 14.

Academic Affairs

Examples of Academic-related agenda items can be found at the Academic Affairs website.

Naming of Facilities

  • Agenda Item Sample (Single Naming)
  • Agenda Item Sample (Multiple Namings)
    • Agenda Item Attachments (required)
      • Memorandum on University Letterhead (see Single Naming Sample)
        (Include an unsigned WORD version and a signed PDF version of the Memorandum)
      • Checklist
      • Member’s Signed Gift Agreement/Template (fillable sample if needed)
Coaching Contracts