Frequently Referenced System Policies/Regulations

Naming Of Buildings/Parts Of Facilities/Organizational Entities

All recommendations for naming buildings, definable portions of buildings, geographical areas or academic entities (e.g., colleges, centers, institutes and organizational units) must be submitted to the Executive Director, Board of Regents through the Chancellor at least six (6) weeks prior to the Board meeting.

Recommendations should be submitted in memorandum form (see Samples) and include biographical material and reasons for the nomination.

Refer to System Policy 51.06, Naming of Buildings and Other Entities for additional information.


Please refer to System Policy 01.03, Appointing Power and Terms and Conditions of Employment for those appointments that may or may not require agenda item submission.

System Member Acronyms/Abbreviated Names

See System Policy 02.04, System Members of The Texas A&M University System, for correct member acronyms/abbreviated names for usage upon second and subsequent references within agenda item documents.