The Texas A&M University System Policy Office

Mission Statement

The Texas A&M University System Policy Office’s mission is to coordinate and facilitate the process of defining, developing, maintaining, and accessing accurate, up-to-date policies, regulations, rules, and subject matter expert contacts through a high level of customer service and responsiveness.


Policy & Regulation Library


System Policies guide the System by incorporating the Board of Regents’ philosophies, expectations and priorities.  System Policies create administrative structures, set priorities, delegate authority, assign responsibility, insure accountability and define reporting requirements.


System Regulations include specific directives, procedures, and reporting requirements needed to implement System Policies and include interpretations where issues are not covered or are unclear in System Policies.


Member Rules are used as governance documents for the Member and consist of matters unique to the Member that are not specifically addressed in System Policies and Regulations.  Rules must be consistent with and are subordinate to System Policies and System Regulations.

Five Year Certification

All System Offices Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are required to review and certify their respective policies and regulations at least every five years to ensure that the policies and regulations remain accurate and consistent with the latest federal and state legislation, the System operations and organizational structures; and are provided in a standard format that clearly and concisely provides guidance to System faculty, staff, and students.

Policy Compliance


For policy inquiries, please contact:

Stacy Flores Manager, System Policy Office (979) 458-6038