System Offices Rules

02.03.01.S1 – RELLIS Standards, Procedures, and Delegations of Authority

08.01.01.S1 – Civil Rights Compliance

08.01.02.S1 – Civil Rights Protections for Individuals with Service Animals

15.01.03.S1 – Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research

21.99.04.S1 – Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property

21.99.09.S1 – Access to RELLIS Campus Property for Sales, Rentals and Soliciting Donations

25.06.01.S1 – Historically Underutilized Business Programs

25.07.99.S1 – Contract Administration

29.01.99.S1 – Web Accessibility and Usability

31.01.08.S1 – Merit Salary Increases

33.99.14.S1 – Criminal History Record Information – Employees and Candidates for Employment

34.02.01.S1 – Drug and Alcohol Abuse Awareness and Prevention

34.05.99.S1 – Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products

34.06.02.S1 – Carrying Concealed Handguns on the Premises of System Offices

61.99.99.S0.01 – Communication with Students by Text/SMS Messages

For System Offices Cybersecurity Procedures and Standards click HERE.