A&M System-Hosted COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

A COVID-19 vaccine clinic will be held in the breezeway of the Moore-Connally Building (MCB) (click here for directions) on Thursday, December 16th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

Anyone interested in receiving a primary (1st or 2nd) adult, or booster dose of the Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines are welcome to attend.

The Texas A&M Health Maroon Line Clinic and Texas A&M College of Medicine will also be offering first and second doses of the Pfizer pediatric COVID-19 vaccine to children aged 5-11 years from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Registration for all persons will be completed on-site, and all vaccines will be administered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Quick Reminders: 1095-C Election, Medicare, and Dependent SSN’s

Dependent Social Security Number Reminder

As part of compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the A&M System Benefits Administration Office is required to request Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for covered dependents. This information will remain confidential. If you have dependents covered through your A&M System health plan for whom you have not provided a SSN or if you are unsure as to whether you have previously provided your dependent’s SSN(s), go online to Workday (http://sso.tamus.edu/). After logging into Workday, click on the Benefits Worklet. In the Change column, select ‘Dependents’ and enter any missing SSNs for your covered dependents.


Elect to Receive Your 1095-C Electronically Before January

Form 1095-C is a tax form related to your health coverage. The Affordable Care Act requires that you have the ability to elect to receive your tax Form 1095-C electronically. Those who receive their forms electronically in Workday can access their forms much earlier than those waiting to receive paper forms.

Follow these instructions to change your 1095-C election:

  1. Log in to Single-Sign-On (SSO).
  2. Click the Workday link.
  3. Click the Benefits Worklet.
  4. Under the “Change” column, select “Change 1095-C Printing Election.”
  5. Select “Receive electronic copy of 1095-C.”*

*Electronic versions of Form 1095-C require a computer with internet access and Adobe Reader to view and print the document. After you submit your consent to receive the form electronically, it will remain valid for all future tax years or until you change your election.

If you have additional questions, please contact your HR office.


Reminders: Medicare

Medicare Part B 2020 Medicare Part B Premium and Deductibles

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 2022 premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance amounts for the Medicare Part A and Part B programs. Medicare Part B covers physician services, outpatient hospital services, certain home health services, durable medical equipment, and certain other medical and health services not covered by Medicare Part A. The standard monthly premium for Medicare Part B enrollees will be $170.10 for 2022, an increase of $21.60. The annual deductible for Medicare Part B beneficiaries is $233 in 2022, an increase of $30.

Medicare Part D Out-Of-Pocket Maximum

If you are enrolled in the A&M Care 65 Plus plan and the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan, your out-of-pocket maximum restarts on January 1, 2022. Please contact your Benefits Office if you have any questions.

Accessing Your Insurance ID Cards

When you enroll in benefits for the first time, you should receive ID Cards for a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medical plan, Express Scripts Prescription drug plan, Superior Vision plan, and Delta Dental plan. You are not required to carry the hard-copy of any of these cards to receive services at most physicians’ offices, unless the specific office requires it. However, we understand that you may like having your information readily available in one place.

Misplacing your insurance ID cards can be a pain when trying to go to an appointment or get a prescription! You can follow the steps for each insurance plan below to get a new ID card, and then keep them all in one place on MyEvive. MyEvive has the ability to save images of multiple ID cards, so all you need is your phone and the MyEvive app the next time you need your card.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
You can request a paper copy using Blue Access for Members.

  1. Log in to your Blue Access for Members account at https://bcbstx.com/tamus.
  2. From your dashboard, click the image of the ID card on the left hand side.
  3. You can print a paper copy of your ID card, or order one from this page!
  4. If ordered, a new ID card will be mailed to the address on file within two weeks.

Express Scripts
Retirees on the 65 plus plan and their spouse will have separate ID Cards.

  • Log into your Express Scripts account.
  • Select the Account tab from the main menu.
  • Click Member ID Card.
  • Download your card from this screen.

Superior Vision
Although you are not always required to present your vision ID card, it is good to keep for your records.

  1. Go to Superiorvision.com and select “Member Log in” in the top right.
  2. Log in using your username and password.
  3. From the home page, select Print ID Card from the menu.

Delta Dental

Although you are not always required to present your dental ID card, it is good to keep for your records.

  1. Go to deltadentalins.com/tamus.
  2. Click “ID cards”.
  3. Log in to Delta Dental primary website.
  4. Click “Get ID Card”
  5. Select Print ID Card or snap a picture of your digital copy!

You will automatically receive a new ID card if you have a qualifying life event, if the carrier or the A&M System choose to do a full re-issue, or if you are enrolling for the first time. Your spouse should receive a copy of the medical ID card, and you will receive an additional copy of your vision ID card if your spouse is enrolled.

Quick Reminders

Check your New Benefit Elections

This is a good time to take a look in Workday and print your Benefits Summary for your records. Your annual deductibles restarted September 1 with the new plan year. Your October paycheck should be the first deduction of your newly enrolled FY22 benefits if you are a monthly paid employee, and your first September paycheck should be the first deduction if you are a biweekly paid employee!

Medicare Part D – Annual Notification

As a participant of the A&M Care 65 Plus plan, you are enrolled in the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program. Each year, Medicare sends notification of enrollment and a quick reference guide which provides valuable information about your Medicare coverage. Expect to receive this packet around the end of November. You do not need to take any action upon receipt of these materials, simply keep them for your records. If you have questions about your Medicare Part D plan, visit the A&M System Benefits website, and review the Retiree Benefits page or call Express Scripts Medicare at 1-855-895-4647.

Flu Shot Clinics at Your Campus or Agency

It’s flu season! Now is the time to think about getting a flu shot. Some campuses and agencies are hosting on-site flu clinics.  It may even count as an eligible item on your MyEvive Two-Step Program Personalized Checklist to receive the lowest premium on your health insurance*.

If your campus or agency is hosting a flu clinic in October, it may be listed below. You can always check with your wellness champion or HR/Benefits Office about the best times of year to check for these!

Texas A&M University Corpus-Christi: The events are only open to current faculty, students, and staff and will occur from 10 am-1 pm. Persons attending must bring their SandDollar ID card for entry into the event along with their insurance card. If someone does not have insurance, the out of pocket cost is $42.49.

  • Date: October 13th          Lonestar Ballroom C
  • Date: October 27th          Location – TBD

Texas A&M University-Texarkana: The events are only open to current faculty, students, and staff.

  • Date; October 12th
  • Time: 9:30 am -12:30 pm
  • Location/Address: University Center 116

Texas A&M AgrLife Extension: The events are only open to current faculty, students, and staff.

  • October 6th
  • Time: 8:00 am -11:00 am
  • Location/Address: AgriLife Services Bldg. 1st Floor; 578 John Kimbrough Blvd., College Station, Texas 77843

Texas A&M University:  All Texas A&M University faculty, staff, retirees and dependents who are covered under the A&M Care plan with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas are eligible to receive a seasonal influenza (flu) vaccine at one of our free flu vaccine pop-up clinics throughout October.* Additional information regarding times of service will be coming from the Texas A&M University Wellness Program office.

Flu Vaccine Clinics
Date Time Location Type
Saturday, October 9 10:00 am – 4:00 pm College Station High School  Drive-thru
Thursday, October 14 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Memorial Student Center (MSC)  Walk-in
Saturday, October 16 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Fan Field  Drive-Thru
Friday, October 22 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Health Science Center (HSC)  Walk-in
Saturday, October 23 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Bryan High School  Drive-thru
Friday, October 29 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm Fan Field  Drive-thru
Saturday, October 30 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Fan Field  Drive-thru

Registration Link

*To determine your eligibility for these clinics, check your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance card. If your Identification number starts with either TXW or ZGB, you are eligible to participate. If you are not eligible to participate in these clinics, we encourage you to get a flu vaccine at your local pharmacy or medical provider. Students should contact Student Health Services for flu vaccines.


Texas A&M Engineering: Available to employees, retirees, and dependents of Engineering employees. Those located at RELLIS may visit the TTI clinic on location November 5th.

  1. Date: November 3, 2021
  2. Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
  3. Location: Zachary Bldg., 125 Spence St., Chevron Room (Zach 297)
  4. Vaccine Administration Record (VAR) – Fill out in advance and bring to Clinic

Texas Transportation Institute (TTI): Available to employees, retirees, and dependents.

  • Date: November 5, 2021
  • Time: 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm
  • Location/Address: 1111 RELLIS Pkwy, Bryan, TX 77807-3135, Room 1122
  • How to register: Email A-Brister@tti.tamu.edu for required forms or complete on site

Texas A&M University – Central Texas: Hosted by HEB pharmacy. Must be enrolled in the A&M System medical plan.

  1. Date: Wednesday, October 20th
  2. Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
  3. Location/Address: Warrior Hall 403/1001 Leadership Place, Killeen, TX 76549
  4. How to register: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/409094FACAA28A5FF2-flue

Prairie View A&M University: All current faculty, staff, and dependents, remember to bring your BCBSTX Insurance Card, ESI Card, a completed consent form, a photo ID, and your mask!

  1. Date: October 13, 2021
  2. Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
  3. Location: John B Coleman Library
  4. How to Register: https://qrco.de/bcPXlw 

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Settlement Information

There is an active class action settlement between Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBS) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield subscribers related to licensing agreements within the BCBS System.

You can read more about the settlement at the following link: Press Release by BCBS – https://www.bcbstx.com/newsroom/news-releases/2021/bsbs-settlement-update.html

A&M System Update

The firm responsible for the settlement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield has advised A&M System Benefits Administration that the A&M Care Plans are part of the settlement and that subscribers enrolled in either plan between February 2008 and mid-October 2020 may file a settlement claim.

Individuals who participated as a primary subscriber in another BCBS health plan outside of the A&M System benefits program dating as far back as February 2008 through as recently as mid-October 2020 may wish to verify whether they are eligible to participate in the settlement by following the instructions in the email notice or on the BCBS Settlement website.

This information is the extent of what A&M System Benefits Administration is able to share regarding this settlement. The best resource for additional information about the settlement itself, the applicable time frame in which it applies, who is eligible to make a claim, and how to proceed if you believe you may be eligible is the BCBS Settlement website.