Quick Reminders

Check your New Benefit Elections

This is a good time to take a look in Workday and print your Benefits Summary for your records. Your annual deductibles restarted September 1 with the new plan year. Your October paycheck should be the first deduction of your newly enrolled FY22 benefits if you are a monthly paid employee, and your first September paycheck should be the first deduction if you are a biweekly paid employee!

Medicare Part D – Annual Notification

As a participant of the A&M Care 65 Plus plan, you are enrolled in the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program. Each year, Medicare sends notification of enrollment and a quick reference guide which provides valuable information about your Medicare coverage. Expect to receive this packet around the end of November. You do not need to take any action upon receipt of these materials, simply keep them for your records. If you have questions about your Medicare Part D plan, visit the A&M System Benefits website, and review the Retiree Benefits page or call Express Scripts Medicare at 1-855-895-4647.

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