Naturally Slim Program Dates

Naturally Slim®, a program to help you lose weight and decrease your risk factors for metabolic syndrome using behavior modification, has been a success across the A&M System with over 4,300 pounds lost by employees and retirees in just the last session! Naturally Slim is available at NO COST to you and is accessible via computer and mobile device so you can participate whenever it’s convenient, wherever you are. A new enrollment date is coming up in February.

Application Open Date: 2/3/20

Application Close Date: 2/14/20

You can apply at Naturallyslim.com/tamus and Naturally Slim will let you know if you are accepted based on their criteria. Naturally Slim may also be on your Two-Step Wellness Program checklist. If you complete 5 sessions, you will receive credit for completing one task! Visit MyEvive to learn more.

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