2nd.MD Specializing in Medical Certainty

Available to employees, retirees and their enrolled dependents on the A&M Care, 65 Plus and J plans, 2nd.MD offers medical second opinions and consultations with world-renowned specialists via video or phone conference.

If you or a covered dependent are diagnosed with a serious condition, 2nd.MD’s caring and compassionate Health Advocates may reach out via phone, email or text. The best part about a second opinion through 2nd.MD is that the service is available at no additional cost to all covered members on the health plan.

Get expert advice when you or an eligible family member have questions about:

  • A surgery or procedure
  • A chronic condition
  • Diagnostic testing (MRI, CT, lab work, ultrasound)
  • Medications or a treatment plan

To get started, visit the 2nd.MD registration page.

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