Tobacco Cessation Products, Resources, and Services

The following products are covered under the A&M Care plans at no cost, with a prescription.

  • Nicotrol NS (nasal spray)      90-day supply in a 365-day period
  • Nicotrol Inhaler                      90-day supply in a 365-day period
  • Zyban                                    90-day supply in a 365-day period
  • Nicorette Gum/Lozenge        90-day supply in a 365-day period
  • Nicotine Patches                   90-day supply in a 365-day period
  • Chantix                                 180-day supply in a 720-day period


You may also access smoking cessation resources through BlueCross BlueShield “Well on Target” or  the Work/Life Solutions program.

To access BlueCross BlueShield Well on Target:

  • Go to and log in as a member
  • Click on the Well on Target link
  • Once you are at your “Dashboard” click on the blue Start button to begin your Health Assessment
  • Complete the Health Assessment, including your tobacco habits
  • There is an “on my time” course for quitting tobacco. It contains:
    • Goal-setting tool
    • Tracking tool
    • Information to help you quit including a success story, medications, and how to keep up the good work