Work/Life Solutions

Work/Life Solutions

Life is often stressful and it is normal to feel anxious or worried. Relationships can have hardships, your health may have ups and downs and work or financial problems can cause you stress. It is when those feelings don’t go away, that you may need help to get you through tough times.

As an active employee or retiree you have resources at your fingertips to help you with your emotional wellbeing. You and household family members
 can use Work/Life Solutions by GuidanceResources® free of charge when you are experiencing emotional, financial, legal or other concerns.

Work/Life Solutions is provided by GuidanceResources® and offers free counseling, legal and financial consultations, work-life assistance and crisis intervention services to all our employees and their household family members. Services offered include: confidential emotional support, work-life solutions, legal guidance, financial resources and online support.

Why provide Work/Life Solutions?
Because we care about our employees and their dependents. Work/Life Solutions can be used free of charge as needed when you or your dependents are facing emotional, financial, legal or other concerns.

Are the services confidential?
Yes, Work/Life Solutions is strictly confidential. No information about your participation in the program is provided to your employer.

Why might my family or I use the services?
There are many reasons to use these services. You may wish to contact Work/Life Solutions if you:

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of balancing work and family
  • Are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression
  • Are dealing with grief and loss
  • Need assistance with child or elder care concerns
  • Have legal or financial questions
  • Have concerns about substance abuse for yourself or a dependent

What happens when I call?
When you call, you will speak with a Guidance Consultant, a Master’s or PhD level counselor who will collect some general information about you and will talk with you about your needs. The Guidance Consultant will provide the name of a counselor who can assist you. You can then set up an appointment to speak with the counselor over the phone or schedule a face-to-face visit.

What counseling services does Work/Life Solutions provide?
Work/Life Solutions provides free short-term counseling with counselors in your area who can help you with your emotional concerns. If the counselor determines that your issues can be resolved with short-term counseling, you will receive counseling through Work/Life Solutions. However, if it is determined that the problem cannot be resolved in short-term counseling in Work/Life Solutions and you will need longer-term treatment, you will be referred to a specialist early on and your insurance coverage will be activated.

Can my children use Work/Life Solutions?
Yes. Work/Life Solutions is a confidential benefit for employees and their household family members.

To register:

Work Life Solutions flier
Work Life Solutions FAQ
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Phone Numbers:
Active Employees: 1-866-301-9623
Retirees: 1-833-306-0105
Qatar: 00800.100.071