Superior Vision Halloween Costume Contact Safety

To avoid a real-life Halloween horror story – keep your eyes safe from costume contacts. Ophthalmologists advise to stay away from over-the-counter non-prescription colored contacts, which can damage eyes and your vision. These illegally sold cosmetic lenses may not be sterile and can cause a host of serious eye problems capable of morphing a fun Halloween night into a nightmare.

To safely wear decorative contacts during Halloween or when dressing up throughout the year, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends following these guidelines:

  • Buy approved products buy FDA-approved products from retailers who require a prescription.
  • Use a current prescription – if you have 20/20 vision, a contact lens prescription allows them to fit the contact lens to your eye, minimize the risk of eye infection and bacterial buildup.
  • Pay attention to eye infections – any swelling, redness, excessive discharge, or pain can be a sign of eye infection.

View the Superior Vision Halloween Safety Tips flier for additional information.

Remember regular eye exams are important. Eye exams aren’t just for correcting vision issues. They are also key in the early detection of systemic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Your eye exam is one of the most important preventative care services available to you if you have vision coverage.

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