Get Your Annual Eye Exam

Regular eye exams are important!

An eye exam allows your eye care professional to get a sneak peek at the blood vessels at the back of your eye. This can help in the early detection of diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Your eye exam is one of the most important preventive care services available to you!

Your annual eye exam is now an eligible task on the Two-Step Wellness Program Checklist. If you enrolled in the A&M Care Plan after September 1, 2020, you and your eligible spouse can complete two tasks from your Personalized Checklists in FY22 to receive the lowest premium on your medical insurance premium in FY23! Retirees and Graduate Student employees on the Grad Plan already receive the lower premium and are not eligible to participate. New employees receive a grace period of the plan year in which they enroll plus an additional plan year before they are eligible to participate.

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