Vision Benefits Explained

Did you know that you have vision coverage under both your medical plan and the optional vision plan if enrolled?

The optional vision plan is administered by Superior Vision. It provides coverage for eye exams, eyeglass frames and lenses, and contact lenses. The vision plan also provides discounts on some eye surgeries such as LASIK.

The A&M Care plans and the Graduate Student Employee Health Plan are administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) and also provide coverage for one preventive eye exam per person, per plan year. A copay, if in-network, will apply. These plans do not cover vision correction materials. However, BCBSTX offers discounts on exams, frames, lenses and laser vision services through Davis Vision, Inc. and EyeMed Vision Care.

You may use either your medical plan or your vision plan exam benefit. When determining the best place to get your eye exam, consider where you plan to purchase your lenses or contacts. Upon your request, your physician or optometrist should provide you with your prescription, allowing you to have it filled at the provider of your choice.

An in-network visit to your optometrist may result in the following costs:

• Preventive exam with dilation as necessary – 100% covered after a $20 copay, covered by your medical plan
• Contact lens fit and follow-up – $0 copay
• Contact lenses – $150 retail allowance, if you do not get eyeglass frames and lenses
• Eyeglass Frames and lenses – discounted by Davis Vision or EyeMed Vision Care

Health Care Flexible Spending Account

Did you know that you can use your health care flexible spending account (FSA) dollars to purchase prescription eyeglasses, prescription contact lenses and prescription sunglasses? These funds can be used for the portion of the expense not paid by insurance such as copays or amounts over the allowance. File a claim or use your FSA debit care when you need new glasses!

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