Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Settlement Information

There is an active class action settlement between Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBS) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield subscribers related to licensing agreements within the BCBS System.

You can read more about the settlement at the following link: Press Release by BCBS – https://www.bcbstx.com/newsroom/news-releases/2021/bsbs-settlement-update.html

A&M System Update

The firm responsible for the settlement with Blue Cross and Blue Shield has advised A&M System Benefits Administration that the A&M Care Plans are part of the settlement and that subscribers enrolled in either plan between February 2008 and mid-October 2020 may file a settlement claim.

Individuals who participated as a primary subscriber in another BCBS health plan outside of the A&M System benefits program dating as far back as February 2008 through as recently as mid-October 2020 may wish to verify whether they are eligible to participate in the settlement by following the instructions in the email notice or on the BCBS Settlement website.

This information is the extent of what A&M System Benefits Administration is able to share regarding this settlement. The best resource for additional information about the settlement itself, the applicable time frame in which it applies, who is eligible to make a claim, and how to proceed if you believe you may be eligible is the BCBS Settlement website.

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