Get Ready for Open Enrollment 2022

Open Enrollment for FY22: July 1-31, 2022

Open Enrollment is right around the corner and it is a great time to review your benefits. How often did you go to the dentist this past year? Are you filling maintenance prescriptions that might be cheaper through mail order? Did you complete your Two-Step Wellness Program incentive tasks? These are questions to consider when thinking about next year’s benefit elections.

Important changes for FY22 Open Enrollment:

  • There will be no grace period to enroll or make changes after Open Enrollment closes July 31, 2022
  • No corrections can be made in the month of August before the effective date of September 1
  • Changes cannot be made after the first payroll deduction of the fiscal year as happened in previous years
  • Mailed documents must be postmarked by July 31st (online enrollment preferred)
  • No exceptions

Plan updates beginning September 1, 2022:

  • Newly benefits-eligible employees will have 31 days from date of hire/initial eligibility to enroll in benefits. This is a change from the previous year of 45 days
  • Enrollment for benefits after a qualified life event must take place within 31 days from the date of event. This is a change from the previous year of 60 days
  • There will be a big change in the Open Enrollment timeline for FY23. The Open Enrollment timeline will be shortened to the first three weeks in July

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