Better Health Starts with Your Gut and GI Thrive

Gut health affects so much more than just our digestive system. A healthy gut helps maintain overall health, weight management, sleep quality, joint health, how we manage stress and anxiety, and more. Sign up for your new digestive health benefit at no cost to you: GIThrive.

What can GIThrive do for you?

  • Provide relief from common digestive issues. Do you experience gas? Bloating? Heartburn? The GIThrive app, together with a dedicated GIThrive Dietitian, can help you ease common symptoms without giving up all the foods you love.
  • At-home gut microbiome kit and analysis ($150 value at no cost to you). Discover which bacteria are living in your gut, and work with a dedicated Dietitian to understand what that means for your health, based on the latest science.
  • Relief from stress and anxiety. Your gut is where 95% of serotonin is produced – commonly known as the happiness hormone. GIThrive includes direct access to a Care Team who will share proven tools for managing stress and anxiety.
  • Virtual visits with physicians. No co-pays, no commute, no waiting rooms. Complete care for digestive health symptoms and conditions. Access to physicians including internists and gastroenterologists, all through the app.

For more information call GIThrive at 833-33MYGUT, email or read the GIThrive FAQs.
If you download the app on your phone, please enter the company code: TAMUS

Eligibility: Open to employees, spouses, and dependents (age 18+) enrolled in the A&M Care Plan or J Plan at no cost to you. Not available for individuals enrolled in the Grad Plan.

Download the GIThrive app from the App Store or Google Play or sign up online.

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