Wondr™ Health

The Texas A&M University System is offering you Wondr™ , a digital, behavioral science-based program— at no cost to you. Learn clinically-proven skills that easily fit into your life for long-lasting, real results with a program that is built around YOU— not the other way around.

What is Wondr™?
Wondr™ is a 100% digital weight loss program that will teach you clinically-proven skills through weekly master classes. You will learn how to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight, increase your energy, stress less, and so much more. Wondr™ is not a diet—it’s a program that works for everyone without points, plans, or calories to count.

  • Backed by science – Wondr™ is grounded in behavioral science with clinically-proved results that lasts
  • On demand master classes – You will have access to eye-opening classes like the science of eating pizza or shaking off a stressful day. All taught by Wondr’s team of experts.
  • 24/7 support – watch lessons, get resources, set up daily nudges, and chat with Wondr Health coaches anytime, anywhere from the Wondr™ app.

The application is open May 22 – June 4, 2023, and the program begins June 19, 2023. Wondr™ participants are accepted based on predetermined criteria such as health risk factors and participant willingness to meet all program completion requirements.

Apply at wondrhealth.com/TAMUS2023

There is no cost to you to use the program. In order to participate in Wondr™, you must be an employee, spouse, retiree, or dependent who is 18 years or older enrolled in the A&M Care, 65 Plus or J plan.

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