ComPsych Guidance Resources

ComPsych GuidanceResources offers in-person and telephone counseling services, training, and a variety of resources to help employees deal with subjects such as stress management, moving, parenting, the death of a loved one, and conflicts at work.

Please find below some tools and resources provided by your work/life solutions benefit that can help with issues that may be affecting you:

Resources to help raise awareness about the critical importance of mental health:

Mental Health Awareness Toolkit
HelpSheet: Suicide Awareness

Natural disasters continue to take a terrible toll on people everywhere, most recently with the destructive Hurricane Ian. Here are some informational resources that can help:

Staying Safe After a Natural Disaster
Financial Tips to Recover from a Natural Disaster
Returning Home After a Flood

As we look forward to Halloween and the holidays beyond, here are some safety tips to keep in mind:

Halloween Safety Tips

Burnout is affecting people everywhere. Here are some brief training sessions that may help:

On-Demand Training: Balancing Work and Life
On-Demand Training: Living with Change

For more information visit the Work/Life Solutions webpage.

Work Life Solutions flier
Work Life Solutions FAQ

Phone Numbers:
Active Employees – 1-866-301-9623
Retirees – 1-833-306-0105
Qatar – 00800.100.071

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