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WebMD ONE Personalized Incentive Checklist

The WebMD ONE Personalized Incentive Checklist allows employees and spouses in the A&M Care plan to complete their Annual Wellness Exam and choose 1 other wellness activities to complete to receive $30 off their health insurance premium for the following fiscal year.

WEBEX Introduction of Program and FAQs:  Webex Recording  |   FAQs

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Wellness Exam Notes

About people who cannot get a wellness exam –

There are a few types of people who will not be able to get a wellness exam (pregnant, people with ongoing serious health conditions).

Pregnancy – please evaluate whether or not it is reasonable for the person to get an exam in time. For example, if the due date is prior to 4/1, the person should be able to reasonably get an exam before 6/30.

Serious health condition – a person who has a serious health condition may be able to get a regular wellness exam to check other items. For example, a person with breast cancer could still get a wellness exam to check blood glucose, cholesterol, or have other appropriate preventive screenings.

Procedure to *waive wellness exam – Send an e-mail to SBA (Fern) with the following information:

  • Employee’s name and UIN
  • Expecting mother’s name (covered spouse)
  • Name of provider (OB/GYN)
  • Date of first visit with diagnosis of pregnancy
  • Expected delivery date

*The wellness exam will count as one step of the two-step wellness program. Employee must still complete a second item to receive wellness credit.

Financial Wellness
Social Wellness

A&M System staff and faculty love to get involved.

Recycling Information

Intellectual Wellness

Many of the campus and agencies offer career development or furthering education classes and webinars.


The System Benefits Office is offering one WELCOA membership per agency/campus for Wellness Coordinators. This is a membership that will give you valuable tools and education to help make your wellness program a success. The membership belongs to a single person. Contact System Benefits to find out more.


Financial Wellness “Brown Bag Menu”

Wellness Policy Survey 2015

Chronic Conditions Maps 2015

Emotional/Mental Wellness


ComPsych Guidance Resources provides stress management, depression, referrals for work/life situations, and a variety of resources for emotional wellbeing. To sign up for a campus/institution training event – please see the catalog.

Sign up for Health Fairs and Trainings, as well as find institution quarterly reports at guidanceresources.com/customers using your provided login.

ComPsych Communication Materials Request Form – Fill out and send to mtowery@tamus.edu. Please allow up to 30 days for mailing.

Communication Materials – General

Employee access – WEBID: TAMUS (Must click “Register” then enter the Employer WEBID on first access)

2019 ComPsych GuidanceResources Training Catalog Descriptions

Short List

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