Bill Mahomes

William “Bill” Mahomes, Jr., of Dallas, received his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University and a Juris Doctorate from The University of Texas School of Law. Formerly, he was Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Vista Bank and is now “Of Counsel” at Bracewell law firm.

Prior to joining Vista Bank, Mr. Mahomes was a partner at Bracewell LLP, Dallas, Texas, with a primary concentration in the Regulatory Division including: public finance, real estate and commercial transactions.

Mr. Mahomes has also served as a senior partner for a major Dallas-based national law firm, a partner for an international law firm and a senior vice-president and general counsel for a mid-sized local corporation and counsel to the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”).  In addition, Mr. Mahomes served as a Captain in the United States Army Reserves, assigned to the JAG Corps, where he also served as Company Commander.

Mr. Mahomes serves on the board of the Dallas-based Today Foundation, Goodwill Industries, Unlocking Doors and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Advisory Board.  He has served on the boards of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas Turnpike Authority, Texas Pension Review Board, Pure World, Kent Financial Services, The Salvation Army, The Real Estate Council, Texas Lyceum, and Pro-Line Corporation. He was also named a Distinguished Alumnus of Texas A&M University in 2022 and inducted into the Texas A&M University Corps Hall of Honor in 2023.

Mr. Mahomes was appointed to the Texas A&M University Board of Regents by Governor Greg Abbott in 2015.  In 2021, he was reappointed by Governor Abbott, elected Vice Chairman of the Board and was subsequently elected Chairman of the Board of Regents in 2023.

Revised 02/13/2024