Policy on Public Testimony

Public Testimony on Agenda Items at Regular Meetings of the Board of Regents

A member of the public is allowed to present written and oral testimony, for a reasonable amount of time as determined by the chairman of the board, on any agenda item listed on the agenda for a regular meeting of the board that is open to the public.  Testimony on a topic other than an agenda item will not be allowed.

2.1     A member of the public who desires to present written or oral testimony must deliver the following information to the executive director to the board of regents by mail, facsimile, or hand delivery, no later than 24 hours before the regular board meeting is posted to begin:

(a)     the name of the person submitting testimony;

(b)     the agenda item to be addressed; and either

(c)     the written testimony or a written statement of the substance of the oral testimony.

E-mail or electronic delivery will not be accepted.  Copies of the testimony or substance of the oral testimony will be distributed to the board members at or before the board meeting.

2.2     The board will consider the public testimony properly presented on an agenda item before voting on that agenda item.  The chairman or a majority of the board may prescribe sanctions against any person exceeding established time limits or speaking on a topic other than the agenda item.

Mailing address:
Ms. Vickie Spillers
Executive Director, Board of Regents
The Texas A&M University System
P.O. Box 15812
College Station, Texas 77841-5013

Overnight mailing or hand-delivery address:
Memorial Student Center, Suite L500
1123 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843

Facsimile & Office Phone Numbers:
979/845-0835 (fax)
979/845-9600 (office)