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Two-Step Wellness Program Reminder and Update

When logging into MyEvive, employees and covered spouses in the A&M Care Plans will see a variety health and wellness activities on their MyEvive Personalized Checklists (PCL). These may include your annual wellness exam, nationally-recommended preventive screenings, registration in various benefit programs, self-paced wellness courses, and more. Items on your checklist are programmatically displayed based on age/gender, United States Preventive Task Force Guidelines on preventive screenings, and then educational wellness activities. Some items, like Naturally Slim, show up for everyone by default because System Benefits Administration does not receive personal health data to single out those services. You can choose any two activities to complete for the incentive credit for FY21. Credits are applied to the next plan year for tasks completed in the current plan year*.

As we face the COVID-19 national emergency together, the safety and well-being of our employees, their families, and their communities is our top priority. That’s why we encourage you to delay any non-essential care you may have coming up, like biometric screenings and annual wellness exams. It can help lower the risk of spreading COVID-19 to others, and ensure that healthcare resources are there for the patients who need them the most. Accordingly, we extended the wellness incentive program completion date to August 31st, 2020. Please also note there are several checklist activities that can be completed virtually and we encourage you to participate in those programs to promote your health and wellbeing during this stressful time.

Completing any two steps on your PCL will ensure that you have the lowest rate for your health insurance premiums. Retirees and graduate student employees enrolled in the Graduate Plan already receive the lower premium and do not need to participate. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield-Well onTarget Health Assessment (BCBS HA) and your annual wellness exam will still count as the alternative to using the MyEvive portal. The BCBS HA may not be paired with an activity other than the wellness exam for credit.

*Those who had not yet completed the HA and Wellness Exam to receive credit for FY20 can still complete these two tasks to receive their credit this fiscal year. You will then complete one more task to equal two tasks in the current plan year to continue receiving the credit in FY21.

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