ORP/TDA Approved Vendors

Approved ORP/TDA Vendors

Company NamePhone NumberORPTDAMutual FundAnnuity
Corebridge Financial
(formerly AIG Retirement Services)
Advisor list
(800) 448-2542
(979) 776-2656
Fidelity Investments
Consultant list
(800) 343-0860XXX
Voya (formerly ING)
Advisor list
(800) 584-6001XXXX
Lincoln Financial Group
Advisor list
(800) 234-3500 Alliance
(800) 454-6265 Multi-Fund
Advisor List
(866) 633-4015
(914) 821-9580
Advisor list
(800) 842-2776XXXX
Participation in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) and in the Tax-Deferred Account (TDA) Program entails certain responsibilities for the participant, including selection and monitoring of the vendor and individual investments. The Texas A&M University System has no fiduciary responsibility for the financial stability of the ORP/TDA vendor or the market value of individual investments chosen by the participant.