Business Career LadderMinimum QualificationsPay Grade FLSA
U1416Business Assistant IHigh School. One year of experience. 3Non-Exempt
U1417Business Assistant IIHigh School. Two years of experience. 4Non-Exempt
U1418Business Associate IHigh School. Three years of experience.5Non-Exempt
U1419Business Associate IIHigh School. Four years of experience.6Non-Exempt
U1420Business Associate IIIHigh School. Five years of experience. 7Non-Exempt
U1421Business Coordinator IBachelor's degree. Two years of experience.8Exempt
U8786Business Coordinator IIBachelor's degree. Three years of experience.9Exempt
U8787Business Coordinator IIIBachelor's degree. Four years of experience. 10Exempt
U9366Business Administrator IBachelor's degree. Five years of experience.11Exempt
U8783Business Administrator II Bachelor's degree. Six years of experience.12Exempt
U8784Business Administrator IIIBachelor's degree. Seven years of experience.13Exempt