Annual Report

The Texas A&M University System Annual Financial Report provides an overview of A&M System members, a timeline of achievements during the year, and financial highlights. Hard copies are available upon request.

Required Reports

As required by House Bill 1016 of the 76th Legislature, The Texas A&M University System makes all reports required by law available in the electronic format prescribed by the Texas Legislative Council.

Below are current links to required electronic reports prepared by our universities, agencies and health science center. The sites reflect reports identified in the current version of the Comptroller’s Guide to Statutorily Required Reports Prepared by State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education.

Examples of the kinds of reports available online include affirmative action plans, annual reports and inventories, audit reports, historically underutilized minority business contracts, investment reports, strategic plans and operating budgets.

If you have any questions related to accessing the information on any of the websites listed, please contact the webmaster(s) of the site(s).


Other Reports
Various reports generated by, and for, the Texas A&M System.

Contact the System Offices with any questions.