Institutional Compliance

The Institutional Compliance practice area provides legal advice and guidance on a myriad of compliance issues that present challenges to the members of The Texas A&M University System.  Those issues most often arise in the following areas of the law:  Research Compliance and Scientific Misconduct; Health Law; Immigration; Export Control; NCAA Compliance; Environmental Health and Safety; and the many requirements that the Department of Education imposes upon institutions of higher education.

A compliance program is measured by the following Federal Sentencing Guidelines:

  1. Oversight and interest by high level institutional personnel;
  2. Appropriate written policies and procedures;
  3. Adequate training and education of those who are responsible;
  4. Effective lines of communication to report compliance issues;
  5. Enforcement of standards through established guidelines;
  6. Internal monitoring of compliance programs;
  7. Appropriate response and corrective action plans; and
  8. Conducting periodic risk assessments.

It is our responsibility to help our clients achieve effective compliance programs in accordance with these guidelines.