A&M System HUB Program


A&M System Members HUB Program


The Texas A&M University System and A&M System Members are committed to promoting the participation of minority, women-owned, and small businesses through the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program for the procurement of goods and/or services. The procurement process utilized by the A&M System Members seeks to provide equal opportunity and equal access in the design, receipt and award of procurement opportunities managed by each A&M System member.

The Texas A&M University System will administer its HUB Program under current State of Texas statutes and administrative codes, the A&M System policies and regulations, and the HUB Performance Improvement Plan. Each A&M System employee who is responsible for conducting business with outside vendors has the responsibility of making a “good faith effort” of ensuring that HUBs are afforded an equitable opportunity to compete for all procurement and contracting activities of the A&M System.

Laws, Codes Policies and Regulations

The Texas A&M University System is committed to complying with the existing laws, codes, policies and regulations governing the Historically Underutilized Business Program. In addition to the Texas governing laws and codes, the A&M System has adopted the following policies, regulations and initiatives:

HUB Subcontracting Plan

It is the practice of the Texas A&M University System and A&M System Members to achieve the annual HUB program goals by contracting directly with HUBs or indirectly through subcontracting opportunities in accordance with the applicable Texas Government Codes. Therefore, the System, entering into a contract, regardless of value or funds, shall, before the solicitation of bids, proposals, offers, or other applicable expressions of interest, determine if it is probable for subcontracting opportunities under the contract. If subcontracting opportunities are probable, the System will state such probability in its bids, proposals, offers or other applicable expressions of interest and require the submission of a HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP) by the prime or general contractor.

A&M System Members Contacts

For more information about the HUB program at each of the universities and agencies of the A&M System, please contact the applicable individual below.

Member HUB Coordinator E-Mail Address Phone
Texas A&M University
Texas A&M University at Galveston
Cindy Gillar
Shawna Kennedy
Texas A&M University – Central Texas Johnathan Fuselier j.fuselier@tamuct.edu 254-519-5477
Texas A&M University – Commerce Travis Ball travis.ball@tamuc.edu 903-886-5060
Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi Ruben Gonzalez ruben.gonzalez@tamucc.edu 361-825-5822
Texas A&M University-Kingsville Tony Kelly antonio.kelly@tamuk.edu 361-593-2544
Prairie View A&M University Paula J. Spivey  pjspivey@pvamu.edu  936-261-1932
Texas A&M International University Carlos Bella cbella@tamiu.edu 956-326-2346
Texas A&M University – San Antonio Corrin Le Vasseur Corrin.LeVasseur@tamusa.edu 210-784-2038
West Texas A&M University Byron McCafferty bmccafferty@wtamu.edu 806-651-2111
Tarleton State University Thad Turman tturman@tarleton.edu 254-459-5336
Texas A&M University-Texarkana Kristen Tullos ktullos@tamut.edu 903-223-3111
Texas A&M AgriLife Jaime Vykukal jaime.vykukal@ag.tamu.edu 979-458-5988
Texas A&M Forest Service Terry Smith tsmith@tfs.tamu.edu 979-458-7381
Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Mary Williams me-williams@tamu.edu 979-458-7434
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Ashley Chavez Ashley.chavez@teex.tamu.edu 979-500-6627
Texas A&M Health Science Center Robby Bounds rbounds@tamu.edu 979-845-4534
Texas A&M Transportation Institute Krystal Schnettler k-schnettler@tti.tamu.edu 979-317-2744
Texas Division of Emergency Management Darren Roberson darren.roberson@tdem.texas.gov 512-574-1426
The Texas A&M University System Office Porschia Tolbert ptolbert@tamus.edu 979-458-3265