Best Practices

Best practices are procedures that have been demonstrated, through research and experience, to produce optimal results, and they are established or proposed as a standard for widespread adoption. In higher education, best practices encompass the activities, policies, and programmatic approaches to achieve positive changes in student outcomes.

Best practices for the military-affiliated community ensure a campus culture that is inclusive of all students, provide support, offer a quality education and academic support, create successful programs, implement appropriate policies, and design relevant student services.

Campuses should consider implementing policies and programs in the top 6 areas in which student veterans need support to enhance their success: (1) access to childcare, (2) career services, (3) financial aid, (4) guidance counseling or academic advising, (5) peer support, and (6) addressing food insecurity. 

The Texas A&M University System is committed to providing an environment that supports student veterans and military-affiliated students in a holistic manner in the areas of academic, financial, well being, and career support. The Best Practices for Veteran and Military-Connected Support and Services are based on input from the campuses within the Texas A&M University System. Designed to support students from “application to vocation,” these best practices may be used to guide the development of resources, services, and programs that support the unique military-affiliated student population in higher education.

Do you have a best practice on your campus? Share your best practices with us by emailing We will compile and share your best practices as part of this website.