Will Planning Services by EstateGuidance and The Hartford

Having a will is important to ensure your wishes are honored in the event of your death, including the division of your property and inheritance. The Hartford, the A&M System’s life insurance plan provider, gives you access to a free online will planning service if you are enrolled in an A&M System life insurance plan. EstateGuidance, the will-planning service that The Hartford provides, makes the will creation process an easy step-by-step questionnaire that in some cases, only requires your signature to finalize!

How to create your will:

  1. Go to https://www.estateguidance.com/
  2. Enter the promotional code in the upper-right corner: WILLHLF
  3. The price for the Last Will and Testament will change to FREE. Click “Get Started”. This code will also discount some other services on the website.
  4. Follow the instructions to begin creating your will.
  5. Download the final will to your computer and print.
  6. Obtain signatures, and determine if your will should be notarized.

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