Travel to Extreme Risk Countries

It is understood travel is an integral part of the educational mission of System universities and agencies. As the world becomes smaller and countries become more integrated, the need for international travel will continue to rise. Combining this increased need for international travel with the safety of all personnel associated with The Texas A&M University System creates the need for ongoing diligence


As part of the System’s international travel program, System Risk Management provides access to a security/information website.  This resource is provided as a service through our international assistance travel partner, who provides emergency international travel assistance for associates/students of The Texas A&M University System when traveling overseas.  This is an excellent resource for travelers prior to their trip.

It provides valuable information on the political, security, cultural, and infrastructure situation of each country.  Please include a review of this information prior to the authorization of any trip overseas  The web address and log-in information have been distributed to each member’s Risk Management Contact.



Within the vendor security/information website, there is a list of extreme risk countries listed.  The System prohibits non-essential travel to extreme risk countries and regions.  It is vital members evaluate the activity and determine whether the travel is essential to the institutional mission.  If this activity is approved as vital to the mission of your institution, please provide System Risk Management with a completed International Travel Questionnaire (click here for questionnaire). System Risk Management will conduct a review and provide a response.