Contractual Review of Insurance Requirements

Insurance requirements are present in most contractual agreements.   System Risk Management encourages a review of all contracts to determine the risks associated with the performance of the contract by outside parties.  The review works to insert language into the contract to protect the interests of The System and its Members.  A risk assessment is completed to identify the exposures to the System and its Members and appropriate coverage and limits are recommended for inclusion into the contract.

System Risk Management also works to review contractual insurance requirements placed on The System and/or its Members.  Because of sovereign immunity, the Texas Tort Claim Act, and statutory limitations placed on state entities, System Risk Management works closely with General Counsel to be certain contractual insurance requirements placed on The System and its Members are appropriate.

Should you or your purchasing department require assistance, please contact System Risk Manager, Charles A. Longoria at 979-458-6330.

Contractual Insurance Language Templates can be found here.