H.B. 1203 regulates the purchasing of surety bonds by state agencies. The definition of surety bonds is “…any bond, including a bond for a notary public….”.


Notary Bonds

As of September 01, 2002, state employees designated by a state agency to be a notary public are no longer required to purchase a notary bond (H.B. 1203). All other notary regulations must be followed.


The State provides defense and indemnification to a state employee for damages, attorney’s fees, and court costs adjudged against them when the damages are based on an act or omission in the course and scope of the person’s employment (Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 104.001).


All notary applications are to be submitted to the State Office of Risk Management on the Notary without Bond form with a check for $11 make payable to the Secretary of State.


Procedures and Applications for Notary without Bond (State of Texas Employees ONLY) are online at the State Office of Risk Management.


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