Fire Protection

fire and life safety


The Fire Protection Manager provides services to assist the A&M System community in becoming a premier example of fire and life safety programs. Although the Fire Protection Manager is technically under the Office of Facilities, Planning, and Construction; the services round out the system provisions of Environment, Health, and Safety that serve the A&M System community.  The goal of these programs is to help provide an environment that is safe for all employees, students and visitors and assist in the preservation of state property.  Fire and Life Safety effects all elements of the A&M System community.  It is a shared responsibility that involves at least the awareness of the entire community.

We are committed to provide consulting guidance and other services through expert knowledge of building, fire protection, and life safety codes and standards.  Through these services we provide the A&M System community information and guidance regarding the latest trends and best practices. Services provided include:


  • Plan Reviews for Compliance with NFPA and International Building Code
  • Life Safety Code Consulting
  • Fire Protection Systems and Fire Detection and Alarm Systems Shop Submittal Reviews
  • Consult and Witness Acceptance Testing of Fire Protection and Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Conduct Construction Inspections
  • Consult Regarding Alternate Methods of Compliance related to Existing Conditions
  • Consult Regarding Findings and Comments from The Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office
  • Consult and interface with responding Fire Departments

Questions regarding these programs can be directed to Debra Miller, Fire Protection Manager