Unmanned Aerial System Operations


You are at the Texas A&M University System Office of Risk Management’s website relating to the use and administration of small UAS operations. This website is designed to provide System members the needed material for the management of small UAS operations on their property and by their employees.  We hope you find it helpful.


By System Regulation 24.01.07, The Texas A&M University System established requirements for each System member to follow relating to the operation of small UAS on System member property by contractors, vendors, employees, and students as well as operations of small UAS by System member employees in any location as part of their System member employment or member activities.

Most importantly, it establishes the member Supervising Authority which is the official member entity having administrative duties over the use and operation of small UAS on its property and by its employees/students.

The Regulation creates inventory requirements for small UAS purchased by System members.

Reason For Regulation

Due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) oversight and increased commercial application of UAS, system property owners are compelled to affirm their control over and communicate their requirements for faculty, staff, students, contractors, visitors and third party vendors when operating UAS and model aircraft on property under their purview or by an employee in their work capacity

Texas A&M UAS/Drone Flight Management System

For all others…
TAMUS UAS Flight Application