Campus Carry Rules

Summary of Texas A&M University System Member Campus Carry Rules

In accordance with state law, the licensed carry of concealed handguns will be allowed at Texas A&M University System member institutions beginning on August 1, 2016.

Each university president and agency CEO consulted with their respective students, staff members, and faculty and proposed rules that take into account specific safety considerations and the uniqueness of their campus environment. The proposals were reviewed by the Texas A&M System Office of General Counsel, approved by the Chancellor for submission to the Board, and were considered and accepted by the Texas A&M System Board of Regents on April 27, 2016.

No rule at any Texas A&M System member prohibits a licensed holder from carrying a concealed handgun in classrooms or residential facilities owned and operated, or leased and operated, by the institution.

However, in keeping with the law, there will be certain locations throughout the System where concealed carry will, or may at times, be prohibited.

Three institutions — Prairie View A&M University, Texas A&M International University, and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi — have residential facilities that are leased by a third party management company. While the universities do not oppose licensed concealed carry in campus residential facilities, their proposed rules acknowledge the property right of the management company to determine restrictions on the possession and storage of weapons in those facilities.

Generally, Texas A&M System members will defer to the property rights of lessees, allowing them make determinations about the allowance of concealed handguns on their premises. State law prohibits carrying a concealed handgun on the premises in which an interscholastic event is taking place. Additionally, Texas A&M System rules grant the presidents and CEOs of member institutions the authority to prohibit concealed carry on a temporary basis as necessary for institutional safety.

The chart below shows which universities and agencies have established restrictions in certain categories allowed by the law. For each institution, in categories where a restriction exists, a magnifying glass symbol indicates where the user may click for more details. In categories where no such symbol exists, no specific restriction has been established. A full copy of an institution’s rules can be accessed by clicking on its name in the chart


Scientific laboratories in which: the presence of strong magnets requires the prohibition of metallic objects, including firearms, in such facilities; or the negligent discharge of a firearm will create the risk of serious physical injury or illness because of the nature of the materials present in the facility (ex. pathogenic materials, high- pressure/cryogenic/flammable gases)

Campus preschool, elementary and secondary school facilities in which the concealed carry of handguns is prohibited by state law

Campus health and psychological counseling facilities in which the nature of the population served and the conditions treated presents an increased risk of injury to self or others

Facilities in which interscholastic and collegiate sporting events are taking place. Note: Some university rules do not specifically address interscholastic (including UIL) sporting events, but state law prohibits carrying a concealed handgun on the premises in which an interscholastic event is taking place. See Tex. Penal Code 46.035(b)(2). Effective notice pursuant to Tex. Penal Code § 30.06(b) is not required for this prohibition

Campus Recreation / Fitness Center Facilities

Campus premises in which camps/programs for minors are occurring

Specific premises in which formal student, faculty or staff disciplinary hearings are being conducted

Assigned employee offices for which the employee has demonstrated that the carrying of a concealed handgun by a license holder in the office presents a significant risk of substantial harm due to a negligent discharge of the handgun, and the president/CEO has approved the employee’s request that the office be designated as an area where licensed concealed carry of a handgun is not permitted

Other campus premises

Chart of Proposed Restrictions

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