Staff Council Mission

The purpose of the System Offices Staff Council is to provide System Offices employees with a forum for raising, discussing, and making recommendations on current policy and procedures to enable them to better serve System Offices, The Texas A&M University System, and the State of Texas. The Staff Council is committed to assessing, prioritizing, and communicating staff needs, and to responding to those needs through the implementation of developmental programs and job-enhancing initiatives.

  • Provide a means of communication between System Offices staff and administration to articulate staff concerns and recommendations.
  • Expand System Offices employee recognition programs.
  • Promote camaraderie and interdepartmental cooperation among System Offices employees.
  • Provide staff development opportunities.
  • Provide community involvement opportunities.
  • Provide funding for Staff Council operation and activities. .

Staff Council Representatives are elected annually in May to serve a two-year term beginning July 1. All elections are carried out in accordance with the procedures established by the Election Committee.

Officers are elected annually by the council membership and serve a one-year term.

Contact Us

The Staff Council exists to represent you and your ideas. Call or send an email to your representative with any ideas you have that could benefit System Offices employees or the community.


The following is a list of activities suggested by System Offices employees that the Staff Council developed for you:

  • Created System Offices employee scholarships
  • Created System Offices Employee of the Month/Quarter award
  • Created System Offices Student Worker of the Semester award
  • Created System Offices staff development activities
  • Created System Offices years of service awards
  • Host an annual System Offices employee meeting
  • Host a golf tournament
  • Host ice cream socials
  • Host lunch fundraisers
  • Host Red Cross blood drives
  • Sponsor a holiday charity drive
  • Sponsor an annual employee picnic
  • Sponsor System Offices sport teams
  • Developed a System Offices pictorial directory