Employee of the Quarter Nomination Form

  • This nomination will remain active for consideration for two EOQ award cycles. For each eligibility and selection criteria, chose a ranking that best describes the individual. Written comments would be helpful to determine the winner in the event that two or more individuals receive the same total ranking marks. For each characteristic, please select a ranking that best suits that individual. The ranking scale is as follows: 1. - Superior Performance (consistently performs duties to the highest ability) 2. - Excellent Performance (performs duties above expectations) 3. - Average Performance (performs duties as expected)
  • Leadership: (Sets appropriate goals for self, coworkers/staff)

    Note: Since the text cannot be saved until you submit the entire Nomination form, it is strongly recommended that you complete your responses in Microsoft Word, first, and then copy/paste the text into this form. Save your work often in Word.
  • Work Relationship: (promotes team efforts, interacts well with coworkers/others)

  • Achievement of Objectives: (helps fulfill System Office's mission, achieves their objectives and/or objectives of their department)

  • Service/Customer Relations: (committee work, customer service/relations both internal and external, and volunteer and/or community service)

  • Performance: (strives for highest quality of work, promotes excellence and diversity)