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COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texas A&M System Chancellor John Sharp enacted system-wide regulations, effective immediately, that establish tougher sanctions, including mandatory expulsion and dismissal, for students, faculty and staff who are found responsible for serious Title IX violations.

The amendments to existing System regulations:

  • Require the establishment of minimum sanctions for student violations of Title IX;
  • Require an independent process for determining if or when a student may return to extracurricular activities (athletics, band, student government, etc.) after being found responsible for a Title IX violation;
  • Prohibit consensual relationships between university faculty and staff and undergraduate students at a university;
  • Establish a policy mandating termination of employment for any employee (faculty or staff) found responsible for sexual harassment (as defined in the System regulations).

Changes in the regulations can be viewed on three PDFs at

On Monday, Texas A&M University unveiled its new student conduct policy that includes mandatory sanctions for violations of Title IX policies, plus an independent process to determine if and when students can return to extracurricular activities.

These new System regulations require the other 10 A&M System universities to adopt similar Title IX policies for students. The regulations also mandate termination of employment of faculty and staff for certain serious violations at all A&M System universities and state agencies.

“This summer I asked the Texas A&M leadership to take the lead in creating the best student conduct policy in the nation and they did an outstanding job,” said Chancellor Sharp. “I am now asking the rest of the System to follow that lead, and I also am expanding the rules to cover sexual harassment involving faculty and staff system-wide.”

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