RELLIS Campus Name Change


Let me try to address some of the immediate questions on the name change for the RELLIS Campus.

The official name is now Texas A&M-RELLIS.

On second reference, you can use the RELLIS campus.

In the course of writing about Texas A&M-RELLIS, it is acceptable to write Texas A&M-RELLIS campus (no caps) if necessary for the sentence. If the word campus is not necessary, then just use Texas A&M-RELLIS.

I haven’t seen enough cross-marketing with the agencies and Texas A&M-RELLIS.

In your press releases, please include a version of this sentence in the first five paragraphs:

The research will be conducted at Texas A&M-RELLIS, a 2,400-acre applied research campus in Bryan, Texas. 

As for the graphic that has the TAM (logo) RELLIS with The Texas A&M University System underneath, we will drop The Texas A&M University System. So it will be the TAM logo RELLIS. I am told that will give us more flexibility in logos going forward.

The other visual standards (font, etc.) will stay the same until we can address the Branding Guide as part of the new web design for Texas A&M-RELLIS.

Please feel free to ask questions.

I hope this helps.
– Laylan

Laylan Copelin | Vice Chancellor of Marketing and Communications
Office of Marketing and Communications