Referencing Texas A&M-RELLIS

When referencing Texas A&M-RELLIS, use “Texas A&M-RELLIS” on first reference and “A&M-RELLIS” or “the RELLIS campus” on second reference. Do not put a space between the letters and the ampersand (i.e., A & M).

In the course of writing about Texas A&M-RELLIS, it is acceptable to write Texas A&M-RELLIS campus (no caps) if necessary for the sentence. If the word campus is not necessary, then just use Texas A&M-RELLIS.

Correct:                    Texas A&M-RELLIS
Second reference:    A&M-RELLIS or the RELLIS campus

Incorrect:                 RELLIS
Texas A&M Unversity-RELLIS

Exception: RELLIS is allowed in digital applications such as website URL’s and social media for hashtags (i.e. #rellis) and account names (i.e. @rellisedu, @relliscampus).

To prevent confusion in publications for external audiences, always use “A&M-RELLIS” or “the RELLIS campus” on second reference, not just “RELLIS” alone.

In publications for internal audiences, the word “RELLIS” can be used alone on second reference.

Texas A&M-RELLIS Logo Guidelines