The Texas A&M University System

Title IX


Individuals wishing to make reports of sexual harassment must understand that Texas A&M University System employees have an obligation to report and/or respond to reports of sexual harassment, even if the individual making the report requests that no action be taken or that the information be kept confidential. To the extent possible, information in the complaint will be limited to those with a need to know; however, such wishes will be considered in the context of the University’s legal obligation to ensure a working and learning environment free from sexual harassment, as well as the due process rights of the accused to be informed of the allegations and their source. Serious threats of harm to the general university community may be reported to the police after considering the appropriate factors.

For those wishing to speak to a confidential resource who is not obligated to report the details of disclosures of sexual harassment, be advised that only certain employees are considered confidential. These employees include licensed health care personnel (including mental health professionals) and sexual assault advocates who have completed a training program approved by the Attorney General of Texas, when acting in this capacity as part of their official employment.

If a complainant insists on remaining anonymous or does not disclose information regarding the alleged perpetrator, be advised that the university or agency may be limited in its ability to respond.