General Information

The Texas A&M University System Camp Insurance Program provides accident medical and general liability coverage for minors participating in activities on Member premises.  The program can be used for activities of minors off-site, however a thorough review by System Risk Management should occur prior to requesting coverage.

The program provides accident medical coverage for injuries sustained by minors while participating in camp activities.  It is important to note this coverage applies to injuries sustained during a schedule and supervised activity.  The plan is secondary coverage, therefore any primary insurance coverage on the child will respond first.

The second component of the Camp Insurance Program provides general liability coverage for the camp, coaches and staff members against claims of bodily injury, property damage liability and litigation costs to defend against such claims.  It is important to note there are major coverage exclusions such as repelling, skin and scuba diving, snow skiing, whitewater rafting, bungee jumper and motorsports.  Typically, any high risk activities would not be covered the general liability policy.  If you have a question regarding an activity, please complete a Risk Assessment Form and submit to your respective Risk Management contact for a review.

Coverage can be purchased for sport and non-sport camps, for day campers or overnight campers and accident medical or general liability only coverage.  If you have any questions regarding which options to select, please contact your respective Risk Management contact to discuss further.

For general questions regarding the Camp Insurance Program, please contact us.