Rate & Fee Schedule

The Property & Construction section (“P&C”) of the Office of General Counsel (“OGC”) of The Texas A&M University System (“A&M System”) provides centralized and comprehensive services in the areas of real estate, oil & gas, foundations, gifts/donations, bequests, and facilities planning and construction.

Under the direction of the OGC P&C, the System Real Estate Office (“SREO”) administers surface assets while the System Energy Resource Office (“SERO”) administers mineral assets and right-of-way improvements located on A&M System real property (the “Property”).

In furtherance of their mandate, SREO & SERO publish this Rate & Fee Schedule (the “Schedule”) to provide guidelines for the assessment of rates and fees associated with the use of the Property by a third-party entity (“Requestor”). The Schedule is intended to serve as an aid to Requestor that is considering engaging in operations of any kind (the “Operations”) on the Property.  The Schedule should assist Requestor in estimating Requestor’s minimum financial exposure to rates and fees associated with the Operations on the Property and to establish certain administrative guidelines which may govern the Operations.

Rates and fees vary and may be greater than the minimums listed in the Schedule based upon multiple factors, including, but not limited to the following: geographic location, current land use, planned future development, proximity to or location within research and/or campus lands, benefit of the Operations to A&M System and/or the public, purpose and size of the Operations, and many other factors.

The rates and fees listed in the Schedule should be treated as minimum allowable rates and fees for the particular Operation. The rates and fees are subject to change without notice at A&M System’s sole discretion. It is recommended that, immediately upon considering the Operations on the Property, Requestor should contact SREO or SERO, depending upon the asset class Requestor is interested in, in order to initiate a review and discussion of the proposed Operations and, if mutually agreeable, to begin negotiation of general terms.

Rate & Fee Schedule