Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Below you will find instructions and FAQs regarding your 1095-C Tax Related Health Form.

How to Locate your 1095-C In Workday

Note: 1095-C Forms should be available online by February 1, 2021.

  • Log into SSO and select “Workday”
  • Select the Benefits Worklet from your Workday dashboard.
  • Select “My ACA Forms” from the View Column

Terminated Worker Viewing Instructions

Your 1095-C

For questions about your 1095-C form, please read through the Q&As below.  If you have additional general questions, contact your HR office or visit

If you believe there is an error on your 1095-C, please use this form.

If you were not in a full time budgeted position and were not enrolled in our health insurance, you will not receive a Form 1095-C from the A&M System.

If you worked for more than one A&M System institution or agency, you may receive more than one 1095-C.

Graduate Student Employee Health Plan

If you were enrolled in the Graduate Student Employee Health plan during the past calendar year, you will receive both a Form 1095-C from the Texas A&M University System and a Form 1095-B from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas (the insurance company that underwrites the Graduate Student Employee Health plan administered by Academic Health Plans) to assist with filing your tax return.