System Graduate Faculty

The Texas A&M University System Graduate Faculty membership was developed to facilitate participation in graduate education for A&M System students, to provide graduate students access to faculty member’s expertise throughout the System and to increase inter-institutional faculty collaboration.

System Graduate Faculty membership provides the opportunity to participate in graduate education through serving on graduate committees and advising graduate students at other System institutions.  System Graduate Faculty members can serve as members of any graduate student committee.

Procedures for Applying:

  • Review A&M System Graduate Faculty Benefits and Guidelines and these application procedures.
  • Complete the System Graduate Faculty application.
  • Complete the Graduate Faculty endorsement memo and get signatures of department chair and college dean.
  • Complete a statement of purpose for becoming an A&M System graduate faculty member.
  • Complete an abbreviated curriculum vitae.
  • Email all documents to your graduate dean.  They will forward to the A&M System office.
  • You will receive a letter regarding the decision of the Council of A&M System Graduate Deans.

List of Current Texas A&M University System Graduate Faculty