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TAMUS Transient Study Abroad Program

Welcome to The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) Study Abroad partnership website. This site was developed as a partnership between participating TAMUS institutions to encourage study abroad to qualified students that would like to experience the benefits of international travel and learning about other customs and cultures.

The TAMUS Transient Study Abroad Program allows A&M System students to participate in system wide study abroad programs. Participants in a system school program other than their home institution will be enrolled at the host school for the duration of the study abroad program. You will pay host school tuition and fees, as well as the study abroad program fee. Financial aid, including the International Education Fee Scholarship is issued by the home institution. Upon completion of the program, you are responsible for requesting a transcript from the host school to have your credits transferred.

Select the “Study Abroad Program” link below to view a listing of the upcoming 2011-2012 programs available to TAMUS students.

Study Abroad Programs

Application Process 
Steps for applying to a TAMUS transient study abroad program:

  1. Discuss your choice of program with your campus study abroad advisor.
  2. Contact the host school regarding the program you are interested in to inquire about space availability and necessary documents. Then proceed with:
  3. Complete the financial aid budget in consultation with your campus study abroad advisor and submit it to your financial aid office;
  4. Check with your campus study abroad advisor regarding the application requirements for the International Education Fee Scholarship
  5. Provide the host school with an official transcript

All applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  However, some programs are considered competitive; therefore it is recommended you submit your completed application as early as possible.  Students must adhere to the program deadlines to ensure their application will be reviewed appropriately. Students should expect to receive an acknowledgement of the receipt of their completed application via email within 5 business days from submission. Acceptance into the program will be confirmed via email after reviewing the completed application. This process may take some time depending on the review process.  Again, early submission is encouraged!

Programs have varying deadline dates and it is strongly recommended students turn in their completed application as early as possible.

·       For programs conducted in the summer, the application deadline is April 1.
·       For programs with an on campus spring enrollment, the application deadline is December 1.
·       Registration deadlines for all Study Abroad Programs

Please note: The host school has the right to place any application on a waiting list or deny acceptance.

Program Costs
There are three types of expenses for study abroad programs.

  1. Tuition/Fees: Each system school charges different tuition and fees per semester credit hours. Therefore, it is extremely important that you verify your host institution’s tuition and fees based on your residency status. Tuition and fees are charged in addition to your study abroad program fee. Please click on your host institution below for further information.
  2. Program fees: These are costs of the study abroad program charged to each student participant by the host institution. Generally, they cover such items such as room and board, museum/cultural site entrance fees for designated sites outlined in your program itinerary, etc. Check carefully to be sure that you know what items your program will cover. Some program fees include such items as airfare and insurance; others do not.
  3. Personal expenses: These are items that you wish to purchase yourself that are not charged to each person on the study abroad program (e.g. souvenirs, snacks, extra travel, or visits to museums that are not part of the program)

Host School Tuition/Fees:

Texas A&M University

Prairie View A&M University

Tarleton State University

Texas A&M International University

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

Texas A&M University – Kingsville

West Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University – Commerce

Texas A&M University – Texarkana

Texas A&M University- Central Texas

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