Student Enrollment Trends

This report is prepared to provide PRELIMINARY information only.

Student enrollment is as of the 20th class day for each term. These numbers have not been certified by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

System Summary


  • System Fall 2015 enrollment increased to 142,745 students, an increase 7,797 students, 3.5%, over the Fall 2014 term.
  • Masters level student enrollment increase by 1,071 or 4.95%.
  • Fall 2015 Undergraduate Transfer and Re-admittance student applications are up 9.85% from the previous fall.
  • Fall 2015 Fall First-Time Freshmen applications increased by 7.4%.
  • African-American/Non-Hispanic enrollment increased by 429 students or 2.9%.
  • Hispanic enrollment increased by 2,214 students or 5.9%.
  • Asian/Pacific Islander enrollment increased by 475 students or 9.8%.


  • Post-Baccalaureate, graduate, and professional student enrollment accounts for 22.5% of the total system enrollment.
  • Females are 53.5% and males are 46.5% of the total system enrollment.
  • System enrollment is 47.2% White, 28% Hispanic, and 10.7% African-American. Hispanic enrollment continues to increase over the past terms.
  • In-state system enrollment is 88.1%.


Updated 12/11/2014