In order to propose a new Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree program that will be delivered off campus/electronic to group, you must have the program approved as a new program by the Board of Regents by going to the New Bachelor/Master’s Degree webpage. It is important to mention the delivery mode in the proposal. Once you have received approval you will need to submit the below Certification form to the System’s Academic Affairs Office.

For programs that are to be delivered electronically-to-groups notification to area institutes including Higher Education Centers, within a 50- mile radius of the proposed delivery site via email with a copy to Dr. Andrew Lofters, THECB ( and the A&M System ( Notification should take place at least 60 days prior to the proposed program implementation. Once notified, institutions shall have 30 days to file an objection.


  • Area Notification
  • Academic Affairs (Approval)
  • THECB (Approval)